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Be in the spotlight

Display engaging content to prospects and show them what makes YOU truly special.

Be in the spotlight

  • Attract new students,

    by showing them what makes YOU truly special and why they should join?

  • Videos, Alumni, Achievements, Awards...

    display engaging content that will make your future students want to join you!

Students come to you

  • It’s a match.

    Prospects get matched to your institution and programs, or they can find you while searching, based on their interests and preferences.

  • Source talent.

    Analyzing students' unique backgrounds and interests, we identify the best fitting candidates for your organization.

Connect & Engage

  • Build your team.

    Ambassadors who can share their experiences and present your school in the best light.

  • Connect.

    Link prospects with your existing students and staff.

  • Share student generated content.

    Shared experiences are the best way to nudge students to join your organisation.

Being smart & innovative has never been easier

Look at trends, benchmark against others, identify new opportunities, grow sustainably.


Being smart & innovative has never been easier

  • Gain valuable insights.

    Understand what prospects are saying about you and what they are looking for.

  • Make smarter decisions.

    Look at trends, benchmark against others, identify new opportunities, grow sustainably.

  • Everything in one place.

    See all your insights in one place, live, anywhere you go.

  • It’s about trust,

    which is also why we created this space. We want to be transparent and share the data and information we know about you.

A safe environment

  • The internet should be a safe place.

    It is something we all want and should aspire to do.

  • We are committed to “Privacy by Design”.

    Safeguarding your privacy is incorporated into our systems & technologies, by default (read more about this in our manifesto).

  • Oh, and all of our users are verified of course!

    Creating a safe environment for your new interactions.

How to join us

  1. 1. Inquire / Contact us

    Contact us via any channel - web, e-mail, social networks...
  2. 2. Create your profile

    We will consult your profile with you, you send us the info and we will then upload them
  3. 3. Let the magic happen

    Using AI, we will connect your profile with the entire platform to all its bits
  4. 4. Observe and explore

    Research live data and information, 24/7 365 days a year
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