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Data Privacy Manifesto

At wibo, we pride ourselves in building products that protect your privacy and give you control over your data.

Why should you care and why this is important?

Most companies collect data about you like your age, location, browsing history and much more. We are one of them.

Data is fundamental in helping companies provide better services to its users.

But some companies use your data in a way you that is not transparent and is not beneficial for you.

This is where it all goes wrong…

There are companies that exploit your data to predict and influence your behaviour and decisions. Using it to manipulate you into making decisions that are not in your best interests. They target you with ads – encouraging you to buy products or services that you don’t want or need.

Horrible right?!

How, why?
(if you know, just skip to the next section)

Companies collect thousands of pieces of information about you to create your digital profile. These profiles then allow companies to have a clearer understanding of you – your interests, preferences, hobbies etc. which allows them to then recommend things to you.

For some companies however, the interest is to use this profile to serve a different purpose. They use it to recommend things that 3rd party organisation want to sell to you, not what you want or need. The recommendation engines use algorithms that use your own data to sell and appeal to YOU, where essentially your data is being used against YOU.

Ironic right?!

It gets even worse…

Some companies take it even further.

They sell your profiles to third parties that can then use it to create messages that will resonate with specific personas. Irrespective of whether they are offering something you might like.

As a result, YOU get a different ad – with a different slogan and image than other users with a different persona. This leads to the fact that you live in your “own” online reality with no control over whether what is recommended or advertised to you is actually something you would want or like.

The worst of all is that this is a conscious decision companies make. It is the moment where you are no longer the user.

You become the product.

Is recommendation and target advertising wrong?

No why would it be?

It’s ok to advertise, and the idea of target marketing is good as you actually get shown more relevant products and services.

The problem, however, is that you get 10s-100s of recommendations/ads each day and there are questions you should not be asking yourself:

What is paid to be a match and what is an actual match?

How can you filter through all this noise?

How do you know if an ad is right for you when it says things you want to hear?

The famous ‘Cambridge Analytica’ scandal is just one example of how irresponsible forms of targeted advertising can lead to bankruptcy, mental health issues, political unrest and in the most extreme scenarios… death.

You can be manipulated into making decisions that are not good for you and you may deeply regret

This is where WE come in

On our platform, we collect lots of data about you, just like all the other companies. We also create a profile of you and recommend things.

The difference is,

we use it for your benefit!

We are convinced that when you make happy choices everyone will also be happy - including the companies offering their products and/ or services to you.

To see why, click here.

On wibo, you are the user NOT the product.

There are no ads and only “good” recommendations.

They are good because they are based on hard data and expert recommendations.

Oh… and we also give you special powers!

Our unique personalisation technology is like having your own superpower. It allows you to search and filter through offerings while being “immune” to products and services that don’t fit you. Making sure you feel safe when making decisions.

To ensure things are transparent, you will clearly see why something is a match and at what scale, using a simple percentage.

We also make it easy

for you to see and download information we store about you.

At wibo, we believe

it is your fundamental right to have power over your own data.

Your data is valuable to you and in order to use it, we have to earn your trust.

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