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Our promise


To be absolutely clear, from the very beginning our technology was designed to help YOU make the best decisions, and we intend to keep it that way! We are no big brother pulling the strings. We only assist YOU, YOU are in the drivers seat, YOU call the shots.

To all the organisations out there

We want to help you improve and we won’t take incentives from third parties.

Here is why:

  1. if you pay us to recommend you
  2. we will be richer
  3. but as a result, our customers will make bad choices
  4. which means your customers will be unhappy
  5. they’ll than find a better option
  6. ruin our reputation
  7. and both of us will be screwed…

OR instead…

  1. let us help you improve your offering
  2. as a result you’ll have an awesome product/ service with happy customers
  3. and our customers will have more awesome options to choose from

Happy days!

Read our “Data Privacy Manifesto” manifesto to learn more.

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